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#UnitedVolleyballUSA  #PoliceOfficers #Firefighters #LawEnforcement

Please, let us introduce United Volleyball USA, an amazing organization we have the opportunity of working with,
and representing everywhere our path takes us, as well as calling each and every one FAMILY.


United Volleyball USA is a not-for-profit organization
comprised of Professional Police Officers, Firefighters, and Law Enforcement Representatives
from across the country with elite athletic talent.

In emergency situations and times of need, our public safety personnel
are the community’s first line of defense. These local heroes sacrifice countless hours
with their families, holidays and weekends, regular sleep schedules and meals, and much
more—all while risking their lives on a daily basis.


The Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers of United Volleyball also train year-round to compete
in national and international volleyball events while aiming to be role models and upstanding representatives for our country.

The teams of United Volleyball are on their journey to represent the United States of America in their
largest international competition—the 2025 World Police and Fire Games hosted by Birmingham.


Follow this amazing family on Facebook or Instagram, to fully support their mission: 
To serve, support and empower the health and wellness
of first responders through athletic initiatives.


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