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Skeeter: Bugg (Pug/Boston Terrier) 

Born on Valentine's Day and named after "Skeeter Valentine" from the famous 90's show "Doug", Skeeter has become the love of our lives, the heartthrob of anyone he comes in contact with and the base of our company.

Skeeter has fowl breath, an underbite only a mother could love, and a heart snatching vibe. From wags to waves, We would love to introduce the original "OG" Skeeter. 

Note: We also think Skeeter was a famous British model in his last life, who sported a monocle and occasional top hat.

Samantha: Creative Whizz (Human)

Born in the late 80's we like to call her our design guru.
With her goal of showing the beauty, poise, strength and faith of everyone we come in contact with,she focuses on solving complex problems through our authentic branding and attention to detail.


With Sam being someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, while striving to make every client have an outstanding experience, working for such a community driven company, this is an easy position for her to fill.

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