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BrokeFam fully supported Suzanne, and Booze For Suz.  
Friends, family and co workers  teamed up to put on a benefit for the wonderful
maiden, to support her through her battle with cancer. 

With Suzanne doing so much for each and every individual she meets,
it was
our chance to give back to her and show her how much she
 is loved and appreciated.
Booze for Suz was 
a surprise event. 

Booze for Suz kicked off at 7:30 pm On February 25, 2017.
We had an amazing disc jockey, food and games
and remarkable spirits throughout the evening. 

Shirts were sold, and raffle tickets were bought by the wingspan.
All proceeds went to Suzanne, totaling $7,006.00. 


Suzanne is now cancer free.


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